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Below, we've assembled a list of more common or typical repairs and maintenance. However, there is always a special repair or custom installation needed. Feel free to give us a call with questions on any repair needed for your guitars.

Includes adjustments to the following:
• Truss Rod
• Nut Height
• Action HeightIntonation

Maintenance of the following:
• Polish frets
• Clean and Polish Hardware
• Clean Fingerboard
• Clean and Polish Guitar Finish

Level & Polish
Loose Frets
Refret Unbound Fingerboard
Refret Bound Fingerboard
Refret Maple Fingerboard
Partial Refrets available

Acoustic Bridge Repair
Reglue Bridges
Replace Bridges
Replace Bridge Plate

Specialized Neck Repair*
• Remove fingerboard extension
• Remove neck
• Correct neck angle
• Reinstall neck & fingerboard extension

Headstock Breaks
Reglue & Touch-up
Wood Graft (highly recommended)

Neck Resets
Fretwork as needed, priced accordingly

*This type of repair is subject to individual evaluation before pricing.

Nuts & Saddles
Bone Nuts
Graphite Nuts
Bone Saddles
Compensated Saddles

*(12 string nut additional)


Direct Pickup Replacement
Strat...Replace all 3 Pickups**
Tele...Replace both Pickups**
Replace Output Jacks
Replace Pots
Acoustic Pickups
Complete Rewiring
Any Rewiring-Semi-hollow 335 style guitar

Replace Switches:
3/5-way Strat Switch in Pickguard
3/5-way Rear Mount
Les Paul Toggle
Mini Switchs
Route for Pickups:
Les Paul Style
Strat Style (Under Pick Guard)

*Parts are not included.
**These Guitars require some disassembly in order to replace pickups.

Electronic Bridge Installations
Floyd Rose w/Lock Nut
Recessed Floyd Rose w/Lock Nut
Recess existing Floyd Rose
Install Floyd Rose Lock Nut
Kahler Flat-Mount
Route for Tremolo cavity in Non-Trem