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Giving your favorite axe a new look, or bringing a vintage piece back to its original state is exciting, gratifying... and often challenging. At Ed Clark Guitars, we feel it is very important to achieve the look and sound you want while maintaining the integrity of your instrument. We take pride in our work and have years of experience behind us. If you would like more information on a restoration or refinishing work, please feel free to ask!

Determining the work needed:
When your refinishing or restoring any piece, deciding what the best course of action is depends on several factors...

-Does the instrument’s value warrant the repair
-Will it add or detract from the value of the instrument
-Will it play, sound or look significantly better
-Are replacement parts available (if needed) to complete the work

Most stains, solid and custom colors are available. This includes many vintage colors as well as traditional sunbursts. With all finishes, the type of wood is a determining factor to the end result and should always be considered when making a choice.

All restoration and refinishing is “instrument specific.” Most repairs of this nature are time and labor intensive and are subject to individual evaluation before determining the cost. Any changes in the cost due to instruments requiring additional work will only be executed with client approval.